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Tips for Organizing Your Shed

March 2, 2022

Ease the organization of your home and garden with a shed. Here are a few ways you can maximize your storage power with a new shed:

  1. Plan your space before you start moving items inside. What are you going to use the shed for? How can arrange the space to make future tasks manageable?  If you are overwhelmed by the clutter of an existing shed, take out all of your items, so you can truly understand the area you are working with before you begin.
  2. Create zones such as, tools, storage, sports equipment, gardening tools. Find ways to make the area a multi-functional space. Put like items together. Use plastic bins instead of cardboard, to keep your items protected and easy to see.  If you are worried about any flooding, add additional protection by bagging your belongings. Organized zones will allow you to spend your time on your projects.
  3. Do you plan to have electricity in your structure? Have the plugs strategically placed for the activities you plan to most commonly do. If you do not have enough plugs in a current structure, consider purchasing outdoor power strips.
  4. If you have a workbench, hang or place your tools in sight in an easy-to-reach area.
  5. Maximize your space by adding shelves and pegboards. If you just throw all that you have onto the floor, you will lose valuable vertical space. A cluttered, disorganized floor can cause unintended accidents as you attempt to maneuver around to reach that one tool you need in the far corner.
  6. If you plan on purchasing a toolbox for your shed, make sure to measure your space beforehand, so you can buy a toolbox that fits the space and for easy access
  7. If you are shopping for a new shed and do not know what will work best for you, speak with a structure specialized sales associate who can walk you through available customizations that will meet your organization or project needs. Let them know what you plan to use the shed for, so they can guide you through your choices.
  8. Consider the location of the shed on your property. Your shed becomes an essential part of your home when placed  in a way you can get the most use out of it. Our site consultant will come to your project area, free of charge, to review what your vision is and discuss the options that may  structure your dreams to fruition.

Keep the clutter away by starting on a structure of your own. We would love to talk with you about any customization ideas you may have. If you plan to do customizations yourself after purchase, or a structure you currently own, make sure to practice safety protocols and wearing the appropriate safety gear.

Get started: www.thisnthatamishoutlet.com

Tips for Organizing Your Shed
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